“Caught in the Cosmic Web” – Zoe Yin

Moden Masters Arts is pleased to annouce the upcoming exhibition “Caught in the Cosmic Web” by the renowned child prodigy artist Zoe Yin between December 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020.

“Two-dimensional paintings in ghostly three-dimensional spaces”- Modern Masters Arts Boston is pleased to present a new series of radical works by Victoria Yin

Modern Masters Arts Boston is pleased to present a new series of radical works by Victoria Yin. Working with advanced laser technology, Yin dismount and re-render two-dimensional paintings in ghostly three-dimensional spaces, reinvestigating how we perceive spatial relationships, while simultaneously exploring the meanings of ‘machine-made’, mass-production, and industrial art.

Featuring delicate forms that seem suspended, frozen, or drifting in transparent illusory worlds, the pieces evoke an ethereal, yet chilling sense of fragility and vulnerability. These worlds seem close enough to touch and walk into, but are untouchable, confined within their own ‘bubbles’ like parallel universes. The viewer is at the same time, confined to the outside, unable to escape the role as an outsider looking in and is hence overcome with both loneliness and awe at the multitude of worlds of which we are only part of one.

“Mathematical Universe” – Victoria Yin

Modern Masters Arts Boston will hold “Mathematical Universe”, an exhibition by prodigy artist and poet, Victoria Yin, between July 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018.

300 Pound of Pure Crystal Block

Victoria Yin, sculptor, painter and poet, made a splashing exhibit at List Art Building, Brown University, with a stunning display of pure crystal blocks of sculptures, transformed from 2-dimensional paintings. Some of those crystal blocks weight more than 300 pound. The exhibition is part of the artist’s ambitious project that includes some of the largest outdoor sculptures that are, and will be ever made for institutions, corporations, and the public.

“Cosmic Slice” – Zoe Yin

Moden Masters Arts is pleased to present “Cosmic Slice”, an exhibition by Child Prodigy artist Zoe Yin between June 1 – November 30, 2018

Victoria L. Yin

Victoria Yin will chair a dialogue with millennial artists around Boston about arts in politics in the gallery of Modern Masters Arts on May 20, 2017.

RunYun Xu

Zi Zhu Fang Museum, Ningbo China, is holding exhibition for RunYun Xu.
Over 58 pieces of Xu’s ink paintings and calligraphy works are for public viewing between January 18 – May15, 201.

Renoir, Kandinsky

Rare works of art by modern masters to be privately viewed.
Please contact Mr. Spence Tepper at Stepper@modernmastersarts.com